Where To Buy Tattoo Creams In Korea

If you have experience getting inked while traveling you probably have everything prepared with no need to purchase your aftercare ointment. However for some, it may be that it was a spontaneous last minute decision. Whatever your reason in this blog we would like to share some information to help you find tattoo ointment/creams in South Korea.

It’s actually not too difficult to find aftercare creams online. You can find various products including brands that are specifically made for tattoo aftercare. Given the travel situation and language barrier this option is most likely off limits from the beginning. It might be a lot more challenging to find tattoo creams offline unless you are looking at the right place. Some tattoo parlors might sell aftercare creams so don’t hesitate to ask for one as it will just make your day much easier. We don’t want to discourage anyone and make it seem like it is an impossible thing to find. However if you ask for ‘tattoo cream’ in a common department store or drugstore you will most likely be going back empty handed.

Here are some tattoo cream options that we recommend to our clients simply because, one – it gets the job done and two – you can easily find them almost everywhere in South Korea. Please note that this blog is NOT intended to only recommend these products as adequate tattoo aftercare ointment.

Bepanthen  비판텐

This is a very moist cream that serves purpose as a nappy rash ointment for babies. However it’s quite oily so we highly advise our clients to be cautious with the amount you apply on your skin. You can find Bepanthen creams in any Korean pharmacy meaning this is one of the easiest tattoo creams to purchase in South Korea. Simply show the pharmacist this name either in English or Korean 비판텐 and they should be at your assistance right away. For a 30g tube it is around 7,000~10,000 KRW. Price will vary depending on the store. Just one tube should be enough in most cases as you only need a very small amount for each application but some stores will also have the 100g tube which is around 11,000~14,000 KRW.

Aquaphor  아쿠아퍼

Aquaphor is a fragrance free ointment for dry and cracked skin very akin to Bepanthen. At our studio we used to recommend Bepanthen simply due to the fact that it was hard to find Aquaphor in the past. You can find Aquaphor at any ‘Olive Young’ store now. Olive Young is a major health and beauty drugstore easily found almost everywhere in South Korea. They have a vast collection of K-beauty products and health supplements. At Olive Young they are around 12,000KRW for 50g and 15,000 KRW for 85g.

The Aquaphor ointment has very similar coloration and texture to Vaseline and one might wonder why not just use Vaseline instead? If your tattoo artist recommended Vaseline in the past that is completely fine and we would always recommend to listen to your artist above anything. At Seoul Ink Tattoo studio our artists do not recommend Vaseline. Aquaphor includes a few more ingredients like mineral oil, glycerin, panthenol, and lanolin making it a thicker texture and less oily.

Coconut Oil  코코넛 오일

Hustle Butter is my personal favorite cream to use for anything. It simply feels and smells amazing but unfortunately you can only purchase them online in South Korea. I have never spotted an offline shop with them however I would be very interested to know so please correct me if I’m wrong. However another all vegan and natural alternative is coconut oil. For any clients who are against using animal products or have sensitive skin we always recommend to go for the more organic option like coconut oil. You can spot them at supermarkets like ‘Emart’ or ‘Olive Young’ is also a good place to find coconut oil products.



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