Victor Chil In Seoul

Victor Chil visited Seoul Ink Tattoo studio for the first time last week. We were very fortunate to have Victor visit us during his trip in Asia. Intriguingly Camoz had been a fan of Victor’s work ever since he started tattooing. It was rather exciting and mind blowing to see that they are now collaborating for an amazing piece together. Here are some moments with Victor Chil in Seoul Ink Tattoo studio.

Camoz and Victor collaborated for an amazing side piece for our good friend. The ideation and design was all done in the very same day of the first session. It’s not everyday that you see two amazing artists have so much fun but at the same time create an artwork of such quality.

Victor’s client booked for a second piece from him on the other side of her neck. Her vibrant neck was definitely gaining a lot of attention in the room. We later found out that she was also a tattoo artist from Korea whom we had known via instagram. Moments like this are quite magical.

Later throughout the week Victor had another client for a full back piece. We were able to experience Victor’s creative process while he designed the whole thing from scratch. His sense of calmness, patience and confident ambience really reflected his years of experience as a professional tattoo artist.

However little did we know the working artist Victor and after work party Victor had two different, very different, vibes. By the way, we loved both Victors. Here are some photos taken by Arang in Itaewon where we would liberate our souls to embrace the moment!

This just might be the beginning of true international bromance. Amazing how tattoos can bring two men from Barcelona and Seoul together.

It was an absolute pleasure to have Victor Chil as our guest. We wish you only and all the best in the future Victor and hope to see you again in Seoul soon!

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