U.S. Tour for September!

Richmond Tattoo Convention, Black Casket Tattoo, Loose Screw Tattoo, and More!

Two of our artists, Kiljun and Camoz will be visiting the states this September for Richmond Tattoo and Arts Festival. Kiljun has been attending this event for a few years now. He was also 1st place for ‘Best of the Show’ for 2017 Richmond convention. You can see more about the event below at the official website for Richmond Tattoo and Arts Festival.


Kiljun and Camoz will also be doing some guest work at a few spots in Virginia and Pennsylvania including Black Casket Tattoo studio in Scranton. This will be our very first time visiting Black Casket Tattoo studio. Artist and owner of Black Casket Tattoo, Tyler visited our studio this April spreading his amazing work and energy in Seoul. Despite his short visit we all had so much fun together so couldn’t miss out on this opportunity to visit his studio.

Kiljun is trying to focus on statues and vintage portraits during this tour but we are always open to any other cool ideas for the artist to consider so don’t hesitate to send us  your ideas! In note Kiljun makes regular visits to the states so if you could not make an appointment for this time around there is always opportunities for another chance.

Fully healed Statue from few weeks back. Done @seoulinktattoo

Seoul Ink Tattoo. Seoul, Korea(@kiljun)님의 공유 게시물님,

Our new school artist Camoz will be visiting Loose Screw Tattoo studio for three days after the RVA convention. Camoz has been trying to focus on oriental sources or animals. However he loves being super creative so reach out to us for any other cool ideas you might have. You can check out our artist’s specific tour schedule via artist’s instagram.

Please note that we do NOT accept any DM (direct instagram messages) for bookings. Please send all you inquiries and bookings to our studio email which is “seoul_ink@naver.com”. Kiljun and Camoz will be going through their inquiries one by one and finalize their appointments by September.

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