Tattoo After Care Tips.

After each session our artists and studio managers always go through a detailed aftercare guide with the customer. If you had multiple tattoo experiences you might notice some small differences in aftercare methods depending on your artist. Before we suggest our studio’s general tattoo after care guide – one thing to keep in mind is that we would highly advise to simply abide the rules your artist recommends. LISTEN TO YOUR ARTIST.

A  clean looking tattoo not only requires a skilled artist but a good after care will really ensure your piece to be healed to its’ best potential. To end up with a nicely healed tattoo there are things that one must DO and DON’T DO. Let’s start with the DOs.

Here are the things that you should follow – simply TO DO.

1 Follow your artist’s instructions. Every person has a different skin type and an experienced artist will be able to provide adequate after care for your skin type.

2 Keep it clean. We recommend to use luke warm water and mild liquid antibacterial or antimicrobial soap to gently wash away the ointment, blood, and plasma completely.

ㆍMake sure the water temperature is not too warm.

ㆍAvoid heavily perfumed soaps or alcohol based soaps.

ㆍDo not take a bathe or wash the area under water for too long. Too much water will saturate your skin allowing the ink to rise.

3 Keep it moist. We advice our clients to apply a thin layer of the tattoo cream/ointment 2-3 times a day. Sometimes people tend to cake the area with cream doing more harm than good. This will not allow the skin to breathe and heal. The reason we want to keep it moist is to avoid your tattoo from scabbing thickly. Minor scabbing can and will occur but keeping it clean and moist will create a thin film like scab rather than a big chunk of scab. This is to minimize uneven coloration so try to keep the area clean and moist.

Here are the things that one must avoid – simply DON’T DO.

1 Avoid any unsanitary environments. The last thing we want is an infected tattoo. It’s best to avoid situations and environments where you feel is unsanitary or is polluted. For some people work environments may include such kind of situations, and if that is the case the safest way is to get yours done while you are on a holiday. In the end it’s better to be safe than sorry!

2 No sun or tanning! A fresh tattoo is basically wounded skin so the sun or any exposure to UV light will aggravate the damage even more. So does that mean applying sun screen will help? Unfortunately most sun screens include strong chemicals that may irritate the skin even more. It’s best to avoid the situation altogether and if you have absolutely no other option but to be under the sun, we would recommend to cover the area with clothing that is preferably breathable and UV protective.

3 No exercise. Mainly there are two reasons for this. One, heavy perspiration may allow the ink to leak out. This will result in a more faded perhaps uneven tattoo. Daily sweating is inevitable however heavy sweating due to high intensity work out is definitely NOT recommended. Second, whilst the tattoo is still healing exaggerated muscle movement can result your tattoo to crack open. You do not want to rip your scab while it’s healing.

All in short, keep it clean, keep it moist, and listen to your artist. After-all you put in the time, money, and effort to get a tattoo so mind as well invest a little more effort in aftercare.


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