Summer Getaway

This week the Seoul Ink family had a chance get out of the city and visit the beach in Yang-Yang! Unfortunately Camoz was in the states at the time. Nevertheless in his place two very good friends ours, Usung from Ginos Pizza and Bobby from Monkeybob Tattoo joined the trip. Yang-Yang is around two and a half hours away from Seoul by drive. We stopped at a highway rest stop called Hongcheon for a quick coffee & bathroom break.

Yang-Yang is located in Gangwon Province which is the East side of Korea well known for it’s beautiful mountain scenery and beaches. In recent years the Yang-Yang county became more popular with the introduction of surf culture in Korea. Gangwon province was previously known for it’s typical silent country side but with more youth moving to Yang-Yang to live the surf life, the summer beaches of Yang-Yang now carries a very different vibe.

The place we visited was Dongho beach where it had few small hotels. The beach was just 2 minutes away by walk. Nearby we could also spot a few surf shops. As soon as we checked in the hotel everyone put on their sunscreens and headed to the beach. Some of us would just jump into the water right away, some of us would take photos, and some would just chill in the tent.

Here are some amazing film photos taken by Arang at our Yang-Yang trip.

It was good to getaway from Seoul and enjoy Summer away from the city. Beach, sun, sand, beer, music, and barbecue was the perfect way to enjoy the night.


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