Look Up!

There are two types of people in this world when it comes to finding places. Those who have natural instincts with roads, maps, and directions – those who can travel across mountains and islands guided by stars and wind. Then there is the rest, including me. Even with the technology that places a world map in the palm of our hands, once you are lost then you are just lost.

Most of the time when we get phone calls from our lost clients, we find them wondering around the area, actually almost just under our building. So here is a photo of what the building looks like. If you feel like you are in the right place, and your google maps say you are in the right place but you just can’t seem to find us – this is when you need to simply look up!

We are located 10 minutes by walk from Apgujeong Rodeo Station exit number 5. Please note this is a different station from Agujeong Station. Walk straight out and make your first right. Keep walking until you come to an intersection with a Korean restaurant called Paldang Hanok Jib 팔당한옥집. Coming into this intersection you can spot a 7-Eleven convenience store and a New Era store.

After turning left at the intersection and just 20 steps ahead you will be able to see a building with GOLDFISH DIMSUM CUISINE written on it. Just above this sign you will see a black and red SEOUL INK logo the name you are looking for.

We are located on the third floor of this building. Once you have reached the third floor simply ring the bell with the red button. Be warned there are no signs on the door. Once you reach level three – there will literally be one black door.


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