First Collaboration Project

Camoz and JinQ both started their tattoo careers from Seoul Ink Tattoo studio. Their relationship actually goes a bit further back as they are from the same University. Camoz joined Seoul Ink a bit earlier and JinQ is the last artist to join the crew from apprenticeship.

They have both developed very individual tattoo styles in both design and technique. Though seeming very different they both love to use colors in their work and had been contemplating about a collaboration piece recently. Fortunately there was a right man at the right time allowing the artists ‘idea’ come to life.

Last week Camoz and JinQ had a chance to begin a collaborated back piece for their good friend. Like all great works, carefully planned preparation was crucial. Here are some moments from that day.

The day did not end early and with Winter coming along we treated ourselves with this amazing Korean style pork stew. This collaboration project is first of many more to come so keep us posted for some more exciting work from our artists. Cheers!

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